About Us

our humble start

Dot Exe Pte Ltd started in mid of 2013 with vision to help all SMEs to own their very own application that can be used to reduce operating and administrative costs as these costs getting out of control these days.

We started off with minimal team members and zero products to speak of; surviving solely on our advisory engagements. Today we are able to support our own research and projects.

Year later as we acquired more projects, new team was assembled; we reckoned with our new team led by specialist in Artificial Intelligence, we could help SMEs with advisory works on intelligence algorithms. With the team that we have now, we trust that we could help SMEs in developping their intelligent software or help them test their system.


Thanks to support showered by our business partners and our team, we can now help SMEs to build affordable software that they can call it theirs, regardless of whether it is web base or desktop base. On top of that we are now able to help retraining the SMEs about some basic IT features that could help them or their employees to perform better.

our humble start
For us, it will be our pleasure to see our clients grow as we continue supporting their growth.