Accounting and Business Modelling

Code Description Max attendance No of days Course fee (SGD)
ABM-01 Basic accounting principles, component of financial statements, the double entry and correction of errors. 20 2 597
ABM-02 Accounting for inventories: The basics, cost formula, and allowance review 20 1 397
ABM-03 Accounting for property, plant and equipment, investment properties, intangible assets and impairment. 10 2 607
ABM-04 Craft an excellent business model for your organization 10 1 397
ABM-05 Explore the power of blue ocean strategy for your organization 10 1 397
ABM-06 Understand Singapore corporate taxation in a nutshell and various tax exemption or credits 10 1 397
ABM-07 Filing a financial statements in eXtensible Business Reporting Language format – the tips and case study 30 1 397